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Talli's Designs

These are all available here!

£8 for 8x12 print :)

So, my beloved dslr has broken! I know I know, its terrible :(
But!! If you make an order from my shop that will help me buy a new one, how awesome is that, you get cool new stuff and I get to replace my camera :)
Ok, I realise this is super cheeky. But its worth a try :)
If you mention this post ill also give you 20% discount on anything over £5 !!

This hat is definitely getting written up! Its so adorable :)
Im making an adult size and then I’ll write the pattern up for all ages.

Another pattern trial, I like the raised stitching but I think Im going to remake it with a smaller hook to reduce the gaps a bit.

Tsuki being a lovely model once again :)

another new pattern in progress, this was supposed to be a size up from tsukis size (it was supposed to be 2T-4T), but it actually came out pretty perfect so I think I`ll up the stitches for the sizes on this one.

I love slouchy hats on kids :)

new pattern in progress :)

(via Pre made ready to ship Teemo Hat Mens Free by tallib on Etsy)

More pre-mades now in the shop! £23 - mens size

(via Pre Made Ready to ship Mega Man Helmet Free by tallib on Etsy)

Finally have some pre-mades in the shop! In mens size, £23!

I’ve almost finished all my custom orders so now would be a great time to order :)

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I’m currently on a break from the shop work over Christmas so I’m making tsuki a blanket out of the heart square in this picture. So cute!
It’s also really lovely to have my own project for a while :)

Hello! I`m Talli, I`ve been crocheting since I was 5 years old. I love it! I find its a really good way to express myself and I enjoy creating new patterns.
Everything I create is made with love care and attention to detail <3
Custom Orders are available in my shop or via an ask!
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